I have been photographing nature most of my adult life (over 50 years) and now have the opportunity to share my love of nature with others.

I have travelled around the USA and also in a few foreign countries and have collected more images than I can ever share, but I have saved some of the better ones and will display them here on my Page.  Also, I continue to upgrade my cameras and am involved in new photo opportunities every week, so I will be posting BLOG's and also presenting new images for your viewing routinely.

You are welcome to view them and of course I appreciate your comments.  If you see some that you would like professionally printed (Photo paper or canvas), I can accommodate most any size or custom need you might have.  I find that canvas prints (3/4 in. stretchers) can be hung gallery style or even framed to appear like a painting.  The pigmented inks are UV resistant and when lit,  make the image look vibrant.  The absence of glass makes the piece lighter and there is no glare or reflection to get in the viewing path.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me for custom work.